Reasons to enter

Whether your business is large or small, whether you’re striving for excellence or achieving it, we encourage you to enter!

It’s the old saying of ‘work ON your business and not just IN it’. Something we all intend to do but which often falls beside the way once we’re busy running the business.

By going through the entry process, entrants have a better understanding of how to run their business – they identify areas for improvement, become more innovative and can ultimately become more successful.

Ask yourself “am I prepared to do some work to take me and my business/organisation forward?”


Reasons to Enter

Here are some the reasons people have chosen to enter the Electra Business Awards.  Look through to see which apply to you:

Personal Development – small businesses and organisations are massively affected by their owners/people running them. The awards will help you to find out what you don’t know and help you to improve as a leader, manager and person of business.

Benchmarking – the awards help you to find out where you and your business or organisation sits relative to others in Kapiti and Horowhenua. Maybe you are as good as you hope you are. Maybe you are better than you think you are. Maybe you are in for a shock – but better you know than don’t.

Low cost / large return on investment – compared to many other methods of working to improve yourself and your business, the awards are low cost and offer an opportunity for significant return on investment.  It’s impossible to put a value on being an entrant but at the every least, each business receives professional advice with a real commercial value of at least $3,500.

Make more money – cut to the chase – the awards are about helping you to do what you do better, so you can get better results. If you are a business, that means things like growing your business, serving your customers better, making more money, working less, and having a brighter future for you and your staff. The awards are designed to help you work out what you need to do to get better results.

Get ideas – you’ll get plenty of these. From mingling with other go-ahead people at the entrant workshop or mayoral reception, through to writing the entry form and finding what you do well and what you don’t, through to the assessors visit and then the feedback report. Jot the ideas down, prioritise them, do them.

Lift your profile – the awards are very well promoted and you can tell everyone that you are in them, and show them that you care about what you do and are a business or organisation of note and which cares about how it performs.

Rub shoulders with winners – we like to say that everyone who enters the awards is a winner – because they are committing to improving, to moving forward. Just think; you’ll be surrounded by other people like this. And these are great people to have around you and inspire you by what they are doing and how they are thinking. Maybe you will inspire someone too.

Prepare for sale, or expansion, or … – Got something in mind? Entering the awards can help you to get clear about where you are and what needs to be done before you look to do it. Add value to your business before sale; cover the right bases before expansion, etc.

Team development – many entrants report that the team got right behind the entry. It’s a great opportunity to recognise that many people contribute to the business and help everyone to see how you all work together to deliver whatever you deliver. Win or not, you can all be proud of who you are and that you have stood up, backed yourself, and entered the awards.

Tell the grandkids – “then there was that time we entered the business awards – all the top businesses do, didn’t you know…” You don’t get bragging rights about things you don’t do!

Get a clear view – the entry writing and assessment process force you to see two perspectives – how the little things fit together to create the business; and what the business looks like as a whole. Many business people are great at what they do, but don’t know so much about business, systems, leadership, management, etc. Entering the awards can help you gain a clearer view about what counts.

Win an award – who knows, perhaps you will become a finalist and be publicly recognised, or even win an Award! That will give you and your team a great reason to celebrate. If you use it the right way, being a finalist or winning can open significant doors and get you opportunities you may not at this stage realise.

Remember, there are options for how you enter. You could just dip your toes with the Customer Choice Awards, or go whole hog with the main Excellence Awards.

Done something worth noticing? Go for one of the Achievement Awards and be recognised for it.

Many businesses enter the awards several times – as a gauge of their progress, to keep themselves on focus, or because they are determined they will win an Award!