Excellence and Achievement Awards Winners and Finalists 2018

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Sponsor: Electra
Winner: Kenakena School
Judges Comments:  “The judges were highly impressed with Kenakena School’s culture, business management, performance and profile within the community it serves. They recognize that this is largely down to Bruce’s understated, engaging and empowering leadership that ensures every staff member actively contributes day-to-day to Kenakena’s success. The team clearly has a highly developed market-led approach to both what services the school should provide and how to provide it. This is a standout business on every measure.The results at Kenakena speak for themselves and the judges applaud Bruce and his team for the impact they have on the individual lives of staff, students and the wider life of the school’s community. Well done and congratulations”
Sponsor: Kapinua
Winner: Woodhaven Gardens Ltd
Judges Comments:  “It was apparent to the judges that Woodhaven is a very market and strategically focused company, recognizing and dealing with the challenges in an environment largely controlled by the big players. They commend the company for its positive responsiveness to market demands. The judges were impressed with the workforce culture and the extent to which it engages with staff individually and as a team. Congratulations on the growth the company has achieved in all financial areas as well as the increase in productivity, sales and market share.We anticipate great things for Woodhaven over the coming years and will follow their progress with interest and anticipation.”
Sponsor:  Kapiti Coast District Council
Winner: Kenakena School
Judges Comments: “The judges were impressed with the school’s governance, management and staffing structures which are further enhanced by internal appointments to leadership projects. There is an embedded culture of working with staff rather than over staff. The activities undertaken by the school to ensure its success as well as that of the community and the environment are outstanding.”
Finalists:   Alliance Group Levin Plant |  Kenakena School |  Woodhaven Gardens Ltd  |
Sponsor:  Horowhenua District Council
Winner: Peter Jackson Plumbing Ltd
Judges Comments: “The judges congratulate Peter and Sonya for the sustained growth of their business over the last 20 years and acknowledge the strong role they have played in the life of their community. They commend them for the values they have embedded into the business and the extent to which this is exemplified by their team.”
Finalists: Caldow Builders Ltd |  Castle Kids Early Learning Centre  |  Peter Jackson Plumbing Ltd  |
Sponsor: Kapiti Coast Chamber of Commerce
Winner: Greenhaven Homes Ltd
Judges Comments: “The judges were impressed with Todd and Natalie’s approach to leadership, management and business metrics of their business as well as its workforce participation and team culture. Congratulations to them on building an innovative product well-aligned to the values and aspirations of their target market.”
Finalists: Greenhaven Homes Ltd | Kāpiti Island Nature Tours | Pzazz Building |
Sponsor: G.J. Gardner Homes Kapiti/Wellington
Winner: Alliance Group Levin Plant
Judges Comments: “There is a strong leadership and detailed operational management in the Levin plant of Alliance Group. This is augmented by a highly visible and effective emphasis on health and safety right across the plant. The judges commend Alliance Levin for the team culture of innovation evident through every level of their operation.”
Finalists: Alliance Group Levin Plant  | Castle Kids Early Learning Centre | Greenhaven Homes Ltd |
Sponsor: Nikau Foundation
Winner: Woodhaven Gardens Ltd
Judges Comments: “The judges congratulate Woodhaven Gardens for the reputation it has built over its 40 years as a Horowhenua business. Its family and team culture has been a core part of its success. The company is commended for its touch-stone values which clearly impact on all parts of the business and the people working for them.”
Finalists:  Caldow Builders Ltd  | Pzazz Building | Woodhaven Gardens Ltd |
Sponsor: Makahika Outdoor Pursuit Centre
Winner: Kenakena School
Judges Comments: “The judges noted that there is particular attention paid, and an integrated approach taken, to developing, implementing and testing new work systems. The level of overall strategic thinking and planning as well as the regular checking throughout all operations ensure a high delivery of standards.”
Finalists:  ELE Ltd  |  Kenakena School  | Sudbury |
ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: Emerging Business
Sponsor: Deans & Associates
Winner: Greenhaven Homes Ltd
Judges Comments:  “Todd and Natalie are very proactive and skilled in building the business operationally and understand what is needed to grow their market share and increase profitability. Greenhaven has built a well-balanced team which is focused. The judges believe that despite the highly competitive market they have found a niche that will produce great results over time.”
Finalists:  50-50 Ltd  |  Greenhaven Homes Ltd  | Paekākāriki Pops|
ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: Employer of Choice
Sponsor: Star People HR & Recruitment
Winner: Kenakena School
Judges Comments:  “The Judges congratulate the school for the development of its vibrant and supportive team culture which is part of the school’s empowerment philosophy and capability development. They applaud the work focus areas of recruitment, organisation and managing the designated areas of accountability with cross-functional responsibilities.”
Finalists:  Cuttriss Consultants Ltd  |  ELE Ltd | Kenakena School | Pzazz Building |
ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: It’s Great to be Here!
Sponsor: Coastlands Shoppingtown
Winner: Alliance Group Levin Plant
Judges Comments:  “The judges acknowledge the significant contribution the plant has made to the local economy and community, as a large employer, and to the good management of the Horowhenua environment. They commend the employment process undertaken by Alliance which has resulted in a high reputation as an employer in Levin.”
Finalists:  Alliance Group Levin Plant  |  Kāpiti Island Nature Tours  |  Sudbury |