Excellence and Achievement Awards Winners and Finalists 2015

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Sponsor: Electra
Winner: HLC formerly Horowhenua Learning Centre
Judges Comments: “HLC’s assessment revealed an exceptional performer who has steadily improved its performance, driven by a strong strategic plan. We are very fortunate to have such a company in our midst and as the 2015 Electra ‘Business of the Year’ ”
Sponsor: BNZ
Winner: Turk’s Poultry Farm Ltd
Judges Comments: “Turks is a foundation member of the group of successful Horowhenua businesses who recognise the value of continuous improvement and seek to have this independently assessed through the Electra Awards. Over the years, Turks has demonstrated the results of this approach to growth, making a strong mark on the region and the industry it operates in. It is on the path to further success and the assessors and judges congratulate the company for its ambitious and disciplined approach”
Sponsor: Mitre 10 MEGA Kapiti
Winner: Mr Sweep Kapiti Horowhenua
Judges Comments: “The judges note that Mr Sweep has strong personal ethics which translate into good work ethics and attitudes towards customers, staff and stakeholders. The owner-operator company is congratulated for its involvement with the Fire Brigade and school community”
Finalists:   Lowtax Ltd   |  Mr Sweep Kapiti/Horowhenua Ltd   |  Sophora Skincare & More
Sponsor: Whitireia New Zealand
Winner: Marty’s Panel & Paint Ltd
Judges Comments: “ Marty’s’ journey as a previous entrant in the Electra Awards has enabled the development of robust systems, action plans, monitoring and KPIs into very useful business tools and metrics to progress the business further. Marty’s is an ideal winner in the ‘Small Business’ category”
Finalists: AD Architecture Ltd   |  Lifestyle Hair Studio   |  Marty’s Panel & Paint Ltd   |  Quinovic Property Management   |  Cordall
Sponsor: GTB IT Solutions
Winner: Focal Point Cinema & Café Levin
Judges Comments: “The creativity, leadership, organisational and marketing capabilities, coupled with sheer persistence by the owners, has resulted in turning the Focal Point Cinema business around and expanding it into a vital and profitable community asset”
Finalists: CS Law   |  Focal Point Cinema Levin   |  HMC Kapiti Ltd
Sponsor: The Law Connection
Winner: HLC formerly Horowhenua Learning Centre
Judges Comments: “The judges were impressed with the leadership, teambuilding, and benchmarking performance of HLC, which, coupled with its clear strategic direction, action planning and challenging KPI’s, have produced an extremely viable and worthy winner for the ‘Large Business” award”
Finalists: HLC   |  MASH Trust   |  Turk’s Poultry Farm Ltd
Sponsor: Crombie Lockwood
Winner: Turk’s Poultry Farm Ltd
Judges Comments: “Since 2012, Turks Poultry has enhanced its business practice with consolidated strategies, policies and measures and these are reflected in strong performance in several areas, including health and safety, which have all contributed to Turks’ successful business.”
Finalists:  Turk’s Poultry Farm Ltd   |  Waikanae Beach Four Square
Sponsor: EECA
Winner: HLC formerly Horowhenua Learning Centre
Judges Comments: “Attention to detail is paramount in the way HLC operates so the company’s dedication to quality and integrity has enhanced its sustainability, reflecting a paradigm shift to produce the right results”
Finalists:   AD Architecture Ltd   |  HLC   |  Marty’s Panel & Paint Ltd
Sponsor: Grow Wellington
Winner: Marty’s Panel & Paint
Judges Comments: “Marty’s’ Panel and Paint has applied innovative skills and thinking that will attract considerable new business and this new thinking makes the company unique in identifying services for additional clients in a very competitive environment”
Finalists:  Focal Point Cinema Levin   |  Marty’s Panel & Paint Ltd
ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: Emerging Business
Sponsor: Finman Services / Xero
Winner: Smoooch Natural Products
Judges Comments: “The judges immediately recognised the determination of Smooch Natural Products to succeed with a very exciting concept and range of products. That potential will be rewarded with appropriate steps in building business performance, to back an innovative product range making them a winner in the ‘Emerging Business” category”
Finalists:  Artbeat Ltd   |  Smoooch Natural Products
ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: Employer of Choice
Sponsor: Goodman Contractors
Winner: CS Law
Judges Comments: “CS Law has become known for the strong team culture within its practice based on an empowering philosophy for skill development with team members gaining experience through collaboration with other teams, resourced and encouraged by the directors”
Finalists:   CS Law   |  Lifestyle Hair Studio
ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: It’s Great to be here
Sponsor: Coastlands Shoppingtown
Winner: Turk’s Poultry Farm Ltd
Judges Comments: “Turks Poultry’s strong involvement in community affairs, together with its contribution as one of the region’s major employers, has given it substantial benefits demonstrating that the winner of the ‘It’s Great to be Here’ award thrives in the Kapiti-Horowhenua Region”
Finalists:  AD Architecture Ltd   |  MASH Trust   |  Turk’s Poultry Farm Ltd