Excellence and Achievement Awards

Running continuously since 1993, the Electra Kapiti Horowhenua Business Awards are possibly the longest-running Regional Business Awards in New Zealand.

The Electra Business Awards is made up of Excellence Awards, Achievement Awards and Customer Choice Awards.

The Excellence and Achievement Awards are the main awards of the Electra Business Awards.

Excellence Awards

The excellence awards are firmly based on the international Business Excellence model the Baldrige framework, and entrants undergo robust assessing and judging processes against set criteria designed to be useful for kiwi SMEs.

Businesses, not-for-profit or other organisations can enter as long as they have identified ‘customers’.  Customer are people or entities which the business focuses on to deliver services too.

You complete an entry form across all 7 business excellence category areas, are assessed against these and receive a feedback report

1. Leadership

2. Strategy & Planning

3. Customer & Market Focus

4. Information, Knowledge & Performance Improvement

5. Workforce Focus

6. Operations:  Business Systems and Process Management

7. Business Results.

You compete against other businesses in your size group to win one of these awards:

Owner Operator Business Excellence Award – 3 or less full-time equivalent (FTE) people working in the business.

Small Business Excellence Award – More than 3 but less than 12 FTE’s.

Medium/Large Business Excellence Award – 12 or more FTEs (if there are a significant number of entries into this category it will be split into two with Large businesses being those that have 26+ FTE’s).

Highly Commended Award

One business may be selected from all the finalists across all the awards categories for the ‘Highly Commended’ award. This award is second only in status to the overall Electra Business of the Year Award. The assessors will make recommendations, and the judges will decide whether to make this award each year.

Electra Business of the Year

The overall ‘Electra Business of the Year’ is selected from the winners across all the awards categories in the Excellence & Achievement Awards.

Achievement Awards

If you have entered the main Excellence Awards, then you can also choose to enter up to 2 of the Achievement Awards. They are like an ‘add-on’ to the main awards.

If you feel you have a particular strength in one of the achievement award areas, then you complete a short extra set of questions and are assessed. You are competing against other businesses of all sizes in the achievement award you have entered.

Health & Safety Award – an integral element for all businesses. We’ll be looking for leadership and a culture that values health and safety and is backed by plans, processes and operational evidence that you provide a safe and compliant working environment for staff, customers and users.

Emerging Business Award – any business that has been operating for less than three years and can demonstrate that it has what it takes to not only survive but potentially to make a significant impact in its market. The winner of this category will be “a business to watch”! Budding entrepreneurs this is your category.

New Thinking Award – these are existing businesses which have developed innovative solutions. Whether it is meeting challenges, solving problems, or developing new products or strategies; this category looks at innovative responses that have been used to provide solutions.

Employer of Choice Award – the ability to attract, optimise and retain top talent is critical for high performing organisations in today’s world. This award is for businesses that can answer the question “why would great people want to work for you?” This Achievement Awards is only available to organisations with 5 or more FTEs, excluding the owner(s).

It’s Great to Be Here Award– the winner of this award could be from any industry and serve any market – but they will be an all-round excellent business well suited to being here which brings out the uniqueness of the Kapiti-Horowhenua region, and ideally with growth potential and a firm desire to remain in the region.

Give Where You Live Award – excellent businesses recognise they have responsibilities for societal well-being and community support. The Give Where You Live Achievement award examines how you choose where to get involved, what you do, and how you can leverage who you are to make a difference. It seeks out those business who are committed and smart supporters of their local Kapiti and Horowhenua communities.

Assessing and Judging

Excellence and Achievement Awards entrants are assessed by BKH appointed Assessors, who make recommendations to the Judges. The Judges review entry material submitted, Assessors feedback reports to entrants, and Assessors recommendations.

Customer Choice Awards finalists and winners are determined solely by the votes they receive. BKH maintains a confidential formula for identifying the finalists and winners.

After all assessing and voting is complete, the Assessors and Judges meet to decide the winners and finalists. The Judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

The Judges also maintain an independent overview of the entire awards process, to ensure its overall quality, impartiality, and robustness.

Reasons to Enter