Customer Choice Awards

About the Customer Choice Awards

Do your customers love your service? Would you like to prove it? Then enter the Customer Choice Awards! Any business can enter and it’s simple and quick to do.

The entry fee is just $249.00+GST and the benefits of entering are many and varied, including:

  • Promotion for your business through newspaper, radio, this website and social media
  • Providing you with an independent customer satisfaction survey
  • Nice prizes for your Customers

The Customer Choice Awards also provide valuable feedback for your business planning by tracking customer satisfaction and providing the building blocks for improvement.


Entries are open 1 July – 29 July with customer voting from 12 August – 9 September.

Three categories.

For 2019 we have added a third category in recognition of the varied businesses we have in our region:

Retail: If your primary business is selling products, then this is your category.

Service: If your primary business is providing a service, then this is your category.

Hospitality: If your primary business is providing hospitality then this is your category.

Age-Friendly Award

All customer choice entrants are also automatically entered into the ‘Age-Friendly’ category. With some additional questions on the voting form to determine how ‘Age-Friendly’ your business is the feedback from this award could provide you with some interesting insights!


Promotion for your business

Entrants are heavily promoted over the 6 weeks of voting through the Kapiti Observer and the Horowhenua Mail, ads on BeachFM, and on Facebook & other social media sites.

If you wish to encourage your customers to vote we can provide you with information flyers to hand out with voting details, voting forms for those customers who wish to vote offline.

We will also offer prizes to encourage your customers to vote.

Customer Voting

While Voting is open, your customers can come on-line to this site and vote for you!

Or if they prefer to vote in-store we will provide you with hard copy forms – and if they prefer to vote in hard copy but not in your store, there will be voting boxes situated in public places like the district libraries and Coastlands Shopping Centre Kapiti.

What are Customers asked?

For all 3 categories your customers are asked to rate the business for:

  • Staff
  • Service
  • Overall experience

They are also asked whether they would recommend this business to a friend or colleague and for any extra comments or feedback.

In addition, if they are over 60+ your customer is asked “Does this business welcome me as a valued customer?” and “Does this business cater for my physical needs and comfort?”. These questions form the basis for the results of the Age-Friendly award.

Working out the winners

The final score is calculated by a confidential procedure, approved by the Judges, which assigns weightings to the question responses and the number of votes. That is, gaining the most votes will not guarantee a win, but neither will having perfect maximum scores on the questions – in actuality, the winner will have a combination of a high vote count, and high questions scores.

3-4 finalists will be selected in each category. The finalists will be announced with the rest of the Business Awards finalists on the 19th September and the winners will be announced at the Electra Business Awards gala dinner on the 18th October.

Summary Report

All Customer Choice entrants receive a summary report after the Awards showing what their average scores were (across the questions asked) and the list of comments that voters wrote. This is a great way to receive feedback and a useful tool for you to use in your business – are you and your staff as good as you’d like to think you are??!

Terms & Conditions for Entrants

  • As an entrant in the Customer Choice Awards, you cannot offer incentives to encourage your customers to vote for you.
  • As an entrant in the Customer Choice Awards, your contact details will be provided to the sponsors of the awards so that they can congratulate you and introduce their business to you.

The full Terms & Conditions can be found here:




Who can I contact with any questions?

Organisers: Jaime Bigwood, [email protected] / mobile 022 317 7118
Entry Coordinator: Helene Judge, [email protected] / mobile 027 244 9585


What’s the refund policy?

There is no refund given on the entry fee.


Can I update my registration information?

If you would like to make an update to your registration information please email the Organisers: Jaime Bigwood, [email protected] / mobile 022 317 7118


My business is both a service and retail business, can I enter both categories?

You can only enter your business under 1 category as you are segmented into that category with all other businesses in the same category. Pick the category that your business is predominantly known for. See for more information.


What happens during the voting period?

We advertise all businesses who enter the awards over the course of the voting period (12 August – 9 September) and incentivise voters by offering prizes. You also have the opportunity to encourage your customers to vote for you. We will support you by providing you with the following: a line to voting online, hard copy ‘vote for me’ flyers and hard copy voting forms for those businesses who would like to vote while in-store or while they wait. Once you have entered you will receive all of the above information in more detail.