2019 Electra Business Awards Winners and Finalists

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New World Otaki - Business of the Year


Winner: New World Otaki

Sponsor: Electra


Judges Comments: “The Judges were impressed by the highly-focused management and leadership of New World Otaki since 2017. This has set up the business for the future, based on the development of internal talent in a way that increases business drive through worker engagement. New World Otaki’s business growth can be attributed to genuine understanding of customer needs and a commitment by employees to innovate about how those needs are met.”




Highly Commended - Kapiti Coast Funeral Home


Winner: Kapiti Coast Funeral Home

Sponsor: Horowhenua Mail & Kapiti Observer (Stuff)

Judges Comments: “Kapiti Coast Funeral Home was commended by the Judges as a well-organised business that places and then values, customer experience at the heart of its activities. Its values are openly on display and genuinely espoused by all involved in the business with the employer offering support and engagement with its staff on multiple levels providing clear feedback, pastoral care and a strong sense of belonging.”





Horowhenua Taste Trail



Winner: Horowhenua Taste Trail

Sponsor: G.J. Gardener Homes (Kapiti)

Judges Comments: “The Judges say that Horowhenua Taste Trail is an owner operator with a clear and well-articulated vision that provides drive yet is agile enough to respond to the market. This is supported by clear strategic objectives and strong evidential links of how they tie back to the operations of the business”


Finalists:  Horowhenua Taste Trail  | Kapiti Glamping Adventures




Small Business - NZ ProudEXCELLENCE AWARD: Small Business


Winner: NZ Proud Limited

Sponsor: Finman Services 

Judges Comments: “The Judges applaud NZ Proud’s management structure, the contributions they make to the community and the opportunities the provide employees with apprenticeships supported by career pathways.”


Finalists: AVS Limited | Haskell Construction Limited | Joinery Installations | NZ Proud Ltd



Kapiti Coast Funeral HomeEXCELLENCE AWARD: Medium Business


Winner: Kapiti Coast Funeral Home

Sponsor: Kapinua

Judges Comments: “The Judges noted that the ongoing success of Kapiti Coast Funeral Home is due to the innovative approach taken to focus on customer experience through its responsive service offering.”


Finalists: Focal Point Cinema and Cafe Levin | Kapiti Coast Funeral Home | Kitchen Creators | Marty’s Panel & Paint LTD | Tall Poppy Real Estate





Large Business - New World OtakiEXCELLENCE AWARD: Large Business


Winner: New World Otaki

Sponsor: Air Chathams

Judges Comments: “The Judges found that as a large business, New World Otaki uses specialist skills, such as the Gold Medal Pork Sausage, to deliver exceptional customer experience”


Finalists: New World Otaki | Web Genius





Emerging Business Horowhenua Taste TrailACHIEVEMENT AWARD: Emerging Business

The Emerging Business category is for any business that is relatively new to the market and can demonstrate that they are making a significant impact in their market.

Winner: Horowhenua Taste Trail

Sponsor: Kapiti Coast Chamber of Commerce

Judges Comments: “The Judges observed that Horowhenua Taste Trail is an emerging business with excellent governance in place that is robust yet responsive. The detailed planning that goes into each event is enhanced by the focus on continuous improvement with a focus on learning from the previous years.”


Finalists: Haskell Construction Limited | Horowhenua Taste Trail | NZ Proud Ltd


Employer of Choice - NZ ProudACHIEVEMENT AWARD: Employer of Choice

The ability to attract, optimise and retain top talent is critical for high performing organisations in today’s world. This award is for businesses that can answer the question “why would great people want to work for you?” This Achievement Award is only available to organisations with 5 fulltime or equivalent employees, excluding the owners.

Winner: NZ Proud Limited

Sponsor: Star People HR & Recruitment

“NZ Proud’s clarity of business values and management structure is recognised by the Judges as part of what makes it attractive to employees and the 2019 Employer of Choice. Judges commend the company for its recruitment process where “company fit” is the number one priority. NZ Proud’s management works to engage and support its workforce including the provision of chiropractic care and stress management options.”


Finalists: AVS Limited | CS Law | NZ Proud Ltd


Give Were You Live - Kapiti Funeral HomeACHIEVEMENT AWARD: Give Where You Live

Excellent businesses recognise they have responsibilities for societal well-being and community support. The Give Where You Live Achievement award examines how you choose to get involved, what you do, and how you leverage who you are to make a difference.

Winners: Kapiti Coast Funeral Home and New World Otaki

Sponsor: Nikau Foundation

“The Judges found that there were two winners of the Give Where You Live categories. Both Kapiti Coast Funeral Home and New World Otaki have demonstrated that it is possible to run a successful and viable business by being responsive to their customers.”

Finalists: Kapiti Coast Funeral Home | New World Otaki | Web Genius





Health & Safety - Kitchen Creators


Businesses entered in Health & Safety award category have in place the best health and safety systems, providing a safe and compliant working environment for staff, customers and users.

Winner: Kitchen Creators Ltd

Sponsor: GTB IT Solutions Ltd

“The Judges were impressed by the investment Kitchen Creators has made in developing staff and providing an excellent work environment with good training and quality assurance systems.”

Finalists: New World Otaki | Haskell Construction Limited | Kitchen Creators







Its great to be here - Horowhenua Taste Trail

ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: It’s Great to Be Here Award

The winner of the It’s Great to Be Here Award could be from any industry and serve any market – but they will be an all-round excellent business that celebrates the uniqueness of the Kapiti-Horowhenua region, has growth potential and a firm desire to remain in the region.

Winner: Horowhenua Taste Trail

Sponsor: Levin New World

“The Judges found that Horowhenua Taste Trail has strong values that underpin every aspect of their business. The marketing and branding is polished and this business delivers on its promises of a unique regional experience and top end produce delivered in an entertaining format.”


Finalists: Horowhenua Taste Trail | Kitchen Creators | Marty’s Panel & Paint LTD





New Thinking - Martys Panel and PaintACHIEVEMENT AWARD: New Thinking

Businesses in the New Thinking category have the most innovative culture in the Kapiti-Horowhenua region. This category looks at the innovative responses that have been used to provide solutions that benefit customers or end-users.

Winner: Marty’s Panel & Paint Ltd

Sponsor: Leverage

“The Judges were particularly impressed with the “competency-based” approach taken to develop key work systems and the complementary focuses on technology and new products. An example of innovative thinking is the efficiencies Marty’s Panel & Paint have gained through use of PanelQuote.”

Finalists: Auros | Club Vista  | Marty’s Panel & Paint LTD | Tall Poppy Real Estate






Customer Choice Hospitality - Relish Ca


Winner: Relish Cafe – Waikanae

Sponsor: Beach FM 106.3

Relish customers said “Great standard. As I am a school teacher I never gave a 10 but these are worth it.”

Finalists: Club Vista | Relish Cafe – Waikanae | Salt and Pepper Cafe Levin | The Cafe at Harrisons








 Customer Choice Retail - Kitchen Creators


Winner: Kitchen Creators

Sponsor: Beach FM 106.3

Customers say ” Excellent staff who are flexible, listen to customer needs, and deliver a quality product at a competitive price”

Finalists: DiliCakes | New World Foxton | Kitchen Creators | New World Otaki








Customer Choice Service - Zebunisso Alimova


Winner: Zebunisso Alimova – Mike Pero Mortgages

Sponsor: Beach FM 106.3

Customers said “She was amazing for us! Her communication was outstanding and she fought hard for us. I would absolutely go to her in the future or recommend her to anyone trying to get a mortgage.”

Finalists: House Of Sound – Music Academy | Mills-Albert Limited | Patricia Farrow Hairdressing & Beauty Therapy | Zebunisso Alimova – Mike Pero Mortgages









Customer Choice Age Friendly - Relish Cafe


Winner: Relish Cafe – Waikanae

Sponsor: Beach FM 106.3

Relish customers say “We always enjoy eating here. The food is good and well presented. The service is unfailing courteous. We are always greeted with a warm welcome and as customers feel valued.”

Finalists: Club Vista | Relish Cafe – Waikanae | Salt and Pepper Cafe Levin | The Cafe at Harrisons