Customer Choice Awards


Do your customers love your service?

Would you like to prove it? Any business can enter and it’s simple and quick to do.

Benefits are many and varied, and include

  • Providing you with an independent customer satisfaction survey
  • the Customer Choice Awards makes a valuable part of your annual business plan, tracking and building customer appreciation of your business
  • Promotion for your business through Awards newspaper & radio promotions and Awards website
  • Nice prizes for your Customers

Small Entry Fee

Entry fee is just $249.00+GST which can be paid by credit card or on invoice if requested.

Two categories

Is your business Retail or Service? This is nice and simple: if you’re not Retail then you’re Service!

Retail:  If your primary business is selling a product, then you are a retailer. This includes coffee shops, cafes and restaurants.

Service:  If your primary business is selling a service, then you are a service business. This includes hairdressers, car mechanics, and others who are clearly not retailers.


Entries generally open around July each year, but you can pre-register your interest NOW.

Register Here

Age Friendly Award

All customer choice businesses will also automatically be entered in our new ‘Age Friendly’ award. With some additional questions on the voting form to determine how ‘age friendly’ your business is the feedback from this award could provide you with some interesting insights!

Promotion for your business

Registered businesses are promoted in the Kapiti Observer and the Horowhenua Mail and voting forms will be printed for people to cut out and post in. We also run ads on BeachFM to remind people to vote.

You will receive fliers that you can give to customers promoting how to vote on-line and you’ll also receive voting forms that you can give to people who might not have access to on-line voting.

Rewards for your Customers

We’ll provide you with fliers to give to your customers telling them how to vote – and providing prizes as incentives for them to do so!

Customer Voting

While Voting is open, your customers can come on-line to this site and vote for you!

Or if they prefer to vote in-store we will provide you with hard copy forms – and if they prefer to vote in hard copy but not in your store, there will be voting boxes situated in public places like the district libraries and Coastlands.

What are Customers asked?

For the retail award, voters will rank your business on four areas: staff, products, the store, overall.

For the service award, voters will rank you on: staff, response times, quality of service and overall.

And for the Age Friendly award they’ll answer “Does this business welcome me as a valued older person?” and “Does this business cater for my physical needs and comfort?”

Working out the winners

The final score is calculated by a confidential procedure, approved by the Judges, which assigns weightings to the question responses and the number of votes. That is, gaining the most votes will not guarantee a win, but neither will having perfect maximum scores on the questions – in actuality, the winner will have a combination of high vote count, and high questions scores.

3-4 finalists will be selected in each category. The finalists will be announced with the rest of the Business Awards finalists on the 20th September and the winners will be announced at the Electra Business Awards gala dinner on the 12th October.

Summary Report

All Customer Choice entrants receive a summary report after the Awards showing what their average scores were (across the questions asked) and the list of comments that voters wrote. This is a great way to receive feedback and a useful tool for you to use in your business – are you and your staff as good as you’d like to think you are??!

Entrant Testimonials…

Superminx won the Customer Choice Retail award in 2015.
Why did you enter into the Customer Choice awards?

“Superminx entered these awards to be recognised for outstanding customer service…something that I as a business owner, see as being the most important aspect of any business. I have always been passionate about making my customers feel special, loved and appreciated along with fufilling their fashion needs and creating a memorable shopping experience so they tell their friends about us and return.”

Did you gain any benefits out of participating in the Awards and/or from winning a category?

“Meeting with other like-minded motivated local successful business people was great. Thus resulting in an opportunity for a Pop Up store in Feilding to test the market via Focal Point Cinema. Not only this but it has raised our public profile and many people have seen we won an award (not always knowing the award won). Our customers love seeing the award hanging proudly in our stores and it also reminds my staff of their valuable contribution to the business.”

Was the report that you received of use to you (and if so, how)?

“Yes from the report I created a poster promoting the win in my stores using some of the quotes from the feedback from customers. All the feedback was lovely and very positive which is great but it would have been good to also see some negative points to build on.”  (NB: If you receive negative comments they are included in the report but anything that might be defamatory is removed).

Would you recommend other businesses to enter the Customer Choice Awards (and if you would, why)?

“Yes totally and I cannot understand why more retail store don’t enter. Very minimal input for a great result and great interaction and chit chat with customers. Was also great for our staff morale as this all took part in the very slow part of our selling season.”

Angela Buswell, Owner

Mr Sweep Kapiti/Horowhenua won the Service category in 2015:

“From participating in the Awards, and winning, we gained reassurance that we are doing the right things and that our customers are happy with our service.”

Bronwyn Romain, Director

Undercover Secrets Lingerie, Paraparaumu Beach were a finalist in 2014:

“It is a great way to promote and recognize excellence in business, from the customer’s perspective. We know what we think about ourselves but it’s good to hear what our customers think of our service and their experience with us.”

Did you gain any benefits out of participating in the Awards?

“Promotion, feedback from customers, extra business etc. It’s reassuring to get so much positive feedback from our customers, but also to hear any areas where we could improve things from their point of view.”

Would you recommend other businesses to enter the Customer Choice Awards?

“Absolutely, it encourages and motivates a higher standard of service and makes a business consider the standards that they offer to their customers. It is also good for the region to promote both individual businesses and the area.”

Ashley Vendt, Owner