Excellence and Achievement Awards Testimonials

The list of potential improvements we received from the assessors report and our evaluation meeting has proven to be invaluable from a strategic point of view.  We have recently received our Secondary level WSMP accreditation with the ACC and applying for this was one of the assessors many ideas.

Shalimar Axford, G.J. Gardner Homes, 2016 Electra Business of the Year, Small Business Excellence Award and Health & Safety Achievement Award.

I entered the awards for validation and credibility and there’s some vanity in there too of course but mostly its’s about credibility.  It is so important to spend time on your business, reviewing what you do and chekcing in against the results.  The application process itself is very enlightening.  The award has certainly lifted my profile in the Kapiti business community.  My advice to other businesses considering it would be ‘just do it’.

Maria Mullane, Owner of Aspire Solutions, 2016 Owner/Operator Excellence Award.

We gained an in-depth look at our business from a strategic level. Normally, the directors are so busy working in the contracting business that we rarely take time to review it as a ‘business’. The entry process quickly found our weaknesses and our strengths and we were able to adjust our business planning to accommodate these newly found areas.

Marianne Archer, Director Goodman Contractors, 2014 Electra Business of the Year

We entered the awards to benchmark our business against other successful businesses in the region and used the process to take a critical look at our business and any gaps/opportunities. This increased the opportunity to profile our work in the community and created new contracts.

Jacqui Ferrel, CEO HLC, 2015 Electra Business of the Year, Large Business Excellence Award and Sustainability Award

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